Doukyonin no Binandomo (Minase Masara) book, fiction – Manga

695. Doukyonin no Binandomo - Minase Masara

comedy, drama, yaoi


Tomoki decides he wants to live with his brother and chooses his university based solely on that. Unfortunately, as soon as he gets there, his brother have to go overseas for work, leaving him with two strangers. The first is Nonomura who is like a big brother, the second is Ugajin who is a sort of bad boy. And neither one of them wants to play big brother or even friend.

It’s short and cute. It probably would have been better if it was longer, but still. The art was good. Mostly. There was, however, a part in the last chapter with a backward hand…

Anyway, go for cuteness. But if you want sex, look elsewhere. There isn’t much in this and what there is, isn’t all that good (although it could just be me not being able to get the hand out of my head…


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