THE READING Book 5: The Baby Squad (Andrew Neiderman)

0005K0004. Baby Squad. Andrew Neiderman

TITLE: The Baby Squad

AUTHOR: Andrew Neiderman

GENRE: fiction, paperback, dystopia, thriller

PUBLISHER: Pocket Star Book

PAGES: 376

YEAR: 2003


DESCRIPTION: Set in a future here forced pregnancy is the norm and natural pregnancies are illegal, Natalie Ross finds herself pregnant. Now, 6 months along, a girl that was found with prenatal vitamins is murdered and Natalie has to figure out if she should tell her husband about her pregnancy or just go into hiding before the Baby Squad and authorities track her down.



I feel a little bad that some of this follows my ideals. Ya know, the whole testing to receive permission to have children and forced sterilization if you don’t pass. I wrote a thing on it back when I was about 10 and called it the BLT. It didn’t go over well for the assignment I wrote it for then. I rewrote it for high school with a bit more of an informed opinion and got around 95% for it though… Anyway, it was an interesting book, but I feel a little bad for Natalie at the end there. I really do hope she finds happiness though.


Book #5

Keep #4

Lose #1


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