The Plucker (Brom) book, fiction – illustrated novel


fantasy, horror, thriller

A Jack-in-the-Box must save the boy who owns him and the other toys from an ancient evil spirit from Africa (seriously, when will people quit bringing home things from Africa because they think they look cool?)

Anyway, the art is amazing (of course. It is Brom after all who has been my favourite artist since I first found some of his work back in like, jr high-ish). The story is better than I expected (sounds weird considering what I just said right? Well, it’s the first thing I’ve read by him and I’ve noticed that people that are really good with visuals tend to lack when it comes to writing and/or speaking). It’s creepy, interesting, well-written and I think I can add Jack to my list of fictional crushes that I would never have a chance with.

So, I say read it. Although, I guess I may be a bit biased (since he’s my favourite artist). And this is definitely one of the few things that I decided to buy after reading. Now if only I had the money to buy it… Well, until I manage to get some sort of income again, I’ll work on bugging other people to get it for me (x-mas is coming up after all). I wonder if I could deal with not eating for a few weeks to get the money to buy it…


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