I Have Words!!


So today was my last day working at the library. I have mixed feelings about this. I no longer have to kill books, my dreams about books tearing off my skin will hopefully stop and I have more time to read and watch anime and all that fun stuff. But I don’t get to bring home a bunch of books everyday. I did get a cute bracelet from my supervisor though. But I’d feel like a fraud if I wore it… I haven’t read any of the books on it, although I’ve tried reading two of them. Maybe I should try harder?

I have an appointment on the 22nd to start school again. I have to redo my math and English to have high enough scores to be able to go to college for accounting. Uhh… yea… my math and English… I, the person who did high school level math for fun when she was 6 and was reading college level (apparently) books by 8, got grades in English and math that were so low I can’t even take the college courses I want… ugh…

Anyway, I’ll be gone this week coming up (which I believe I’ve said?), so I’ll make a few posts about the last few things I’ve finished this week.

As for the week after that, although I’ll hopefully be starting back to school, I’m going to also work on finishing the animes, live actions and everything else I’m currently watching or reading. Then, although I’ll be continuing with the anime and live action and all that, I’m going to start reading more. The goal? Read, or at least attempt to, all the books I now have. If I can’t read them or don’t like them, I’ll donate them to a thrift store or something. Then, I’ll have some more room (as I have over 50 liquor boxes of books now). I’ll probably also try to make daily(ish) posts on that.

So yea, that’s it. No more words on this.


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