So, I’m on my last week of work, next week I’m planning on going away and the week after that I’ll be (hopefully) getting the school thing started. So, with the fact that I am currently watching/reading 30 things and have very little time, I won’t be finishing much for awhile (probably). Although, I’ll probably concentrate on one thing at a time and get the shorter things done and out of the way when I can get around to it so I can finish things on a semi-regular basis.

In the mean time though, I don’t like the idea of going too long without posting because I’ll eventually give up on posting at all. So, I’ve been thinking top 10s. Then I don’t have to watch or read anything new. Problem is, I don’t know what to do them on. So, would you be interested in a top 10? And if so, of what?

On a side note, ignore that thing up there. Instead of watching or reading something like I should be doing, I decided to try my hand at that. I have decided to stick to pen and paper, so you probably won’t see something like that again.


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