Go! Go! G-Boys (2005) movie, live action, Taiwan

153. Go Go G-Boys

A-Hong is dating a girl that’s racked up a major debt and a bunch of guys go after him for it. In order to get the money he joins a gay beauty contest along with his friend A-Shin, a homophobic(ish) undercover cop, a kid whos dad was bugging him to get married and get a job while all he wanted was to go to Taipei and a couple others.

Anyway, it wasn’t majorly funny, but there were a few giggle inducing moments and it wasn’t majorly serious, but there was the odd seriousness.

Anyway (do I do that too much?), I didn’t mind it, Even kind of liked it. Just not sure why. But it pisses me off that we didn’t get to find out who the guy was at the end.


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