Rinkan Fuck!! and Yadokari Fuck!! (Shimaji) – manga, doujin

680. Rinkan Fuck Josou Shounen Monzetsu Rape - Shimaji    681. Yadokari Fuck!! Iede DC Furousha Yogore Chinpo Jousou Pako Pako Mebuta Akume - Shimaji

A double review of ‘Rinkan Fuck!! Josou Shounen Monzetsu Rape’ and ‘Yadokari Fuck!! Iede DC Furousha Yogore Chinpo Josou Pako Pako Mebuta Akume.’

So to start with, the art is really good. But the positives pretty much end there (although I did get a bit of a nose bleed from ‘Rinkan’).

So for a quick description: the main kid, Nozomu, is bullied at school and the bullies want money he doesn’t have. So they refer him to a ‘part-time’ job. And obviously he’s an idiot because he believes them and doesn’t seem too worried about it being at a private residence. This leads to the kid making a gang rape porno. The story continues into ‘Yadokari’ where the kid goes back to school after a short time and the bullies decide to rape him, leaving him to be discovered by other students who – you guessed it – rape him. His parents find out about it. So like any smart person, he runs away. and trusts a homeless guy that’s obviously got a few screws loose. and what happens? Jizz flavoured ramen and more rape. and of course he loves it.

Yeah… Well, I guess if you’re looking for shota and just want the physical stuff, it’s ok… although I could have done without the crazy homeless guy….


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