The Poison Ape (Osawa Arimasa) – book, fiction


A sequel to ‘Shinjuku Shark.’ In this, Samejima teams up with Guo, an assistant inspector from Taiwan to track down Poison Ape (aka Du Yuan) who is essentially a killer for hire who is after Ye Wei, a head of a gang in Taiwan, after he betrayed him, and in the course of tracking him down, the yakuza begin to flip out and start a mini war with the Chinese and Korean people.

Although there was the odd thing that I had little interest in, and I would have preferred the ending to be from Samejimas POV, I found this book quite interesting and much better than ‘Shinjuku.’ I kind of hope this becomes a movie (unless it is. In which case, anyone know where I can find it?), and I hope they translate the next book in the series before I go blind or die… They probably won’t though 😦

and this might be a SPOILER, but why did they have to kill him?! Was it really necessary?!


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