Sea View (Ayumi Kano) – manga

678. Sea View - Kano Ayumi

This includes two stories, the first, ‘Sea View,’ includes and extra chapter at the end and is about two boys meeting through a grandfather/mentor and his disappearance. The second, ‘Though of the Blossoms,’ is about a photographer and a head of family that appears to be well known for flowers.

In all honesty, I can’t figure out why the cover claims yaoi when it can barely even be considered shounen ai. There’s no kissing and barely any touching. The only touching there was, was the kind between friends. Aside from one of the boys in each pair blushing every once in a while, there was barely a hint of interest in each other. The dialog seemed forced, and, especially the first story, the author seemed to be trying to fit too much into it.

The extra chapter was cute though.


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