La Esperanca (Kawai Chigusa) – manga

677. La Esperanca - Kawai Chigusa

To start off with, this is a shounen ai (boy x boy but nothing happen, in case you were wondering) manga about two boys in a Catholic school, on the “perfect little angel,” the other the delinquent that gets away with everything because his dad is the principal, and their struggle to come to terms with each other and their pasts.

First, I’ll start with what I would normally end with: whether or not you should read it. Well, if you can deal with all the religious stuff, are okay with two boys kissing, and don’t mind a cliff hanger, read it.

Now, for my rant. Which contains SPOILERS.

I’m giving it an 8, more for the art than anything else in this. It’s got A LOT of religion in it. Much more than usual, even for the setting to be in a Catholic school. The main story annoyed me. The idea that this guy is only showing interest in this kid because he looks like the dead girl the guy had a thing for( who in turn was apparently a replacement for the kid in the first place), the girls brother trying to rape him, the face the kid is obviously a replacement but he still wants to be with them anyway, annoys me. Then the end! ugh! it feels as though t wasn’t even done. Obviously something is going to happen with the guy when the kid gets to his new music instructors place. That guy would not make that face if he wasn’t interested in getting in that kid!


On a side note, my favourite character (Josh <3) didn’t even get a chapter dedicated to him 😦


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