Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Special Act (2004) – drama, Japan

146. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Special Act

This is a (one episode) continuation of the drama, set 4 years later. Usagi and Mamoru are planning their wedding until Mio (ugly girl from the drama that worked for Queen Beryl or something) shows up with a bunch of clowns wanting to marry him herself.

SPOILERS I’m only giving this a 7. I love that the guys take part a bit more, but there’s a lot that isn’t really explained (why is Luna suddenly so close to Usagi’s family? Where is Shingo?) and some stuff that’s left out (I’m glad Makoto got with turtle boy, but what about Ami and Nephrite?) I dunno. Maybe if I didn’t have a headache or internet problems while watching it it would have gotten a higher score. SPOILERS done.

On a side note, I was expecting someone to say “no clowning around” or to turn into a cardboard cutout during the entire thing…


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