Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (2003) – drama, Japan

145. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon. I’m sure I can feel safe assuming everyone has a rough idea what this is about? The Sailor Scouts (5 school girls) fight again Queen Beryl and her henchmen (which were formerly Mamoru/Endymion’s). Toss in a bunch of depressing stuff, an evil queen that doesn’t seem as evil and a good princess that’s really selfish along with a bunch of guys in creepy costumes (I feel like I’m watching whatever Power Rangers it was from when I was little… only with sailor fuku instead of body suits) and there you have it.

I’m giving it a 9. I’d probably give it a 10 (yes, it’s cheesy. It probably doesn’t deserve that high a score. But I like cheesy), but there were some slow parts and I have a headache from crying the last few episodes. Especially the one where Rei/Mars (Kitagawa Keiko) was crying. She’s one of those few people that can make you feel more than annoyance when she’s crying. It’s not overly fake like how they normally cry in shows. Also, I’m mad at the show for making me cry for no reason. So that’s why it doesn’t get a 10.


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