Omocha-Bako Series, Dai-3-Wa: Ehon 1936-nen (1934) – movie, anime

322. Omocha-Bako Series Dai-3-Wa Ehon 1936-nen

An 8 minute black and white propaganda film. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this with subtitles, but since Japan was siding with Germany, I’m guessing it’s anti-American.

It starts out with a Felix the Cat look a like and his friends dancing. Then a Mickey Mouse look a like came in on a Mick Bat, sent a proclamation (I’m assuming) of some sort down. Felix look a like burns it and then he and his friends are under attack by a bunch of Mickey’s. They then get help from what I can only assume are well-known Japanese character (one of which I think may have been Urashima Tarou). After the Japanese characters defeat the Mickey’, Felix and friends can dance again.

I’d probably only give this a score of about 5, not because it wasn’t ok for an 8 minute video, especially from the ’30’s, but because I can’t understand it. And I wish it had a Betty look a like instead of Felix.


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