3-Iron (2004) – movie, Korea

144. 3-Iron

This movie is about a man that lives by breaking into other peoples homes and doing chores or fixing things as payment. Then one place he enters, someone is still there. After stopping another man from abusing his wife, the wife decides to leave with him and they begin an affair.

This was an odd movie. Neither of the main character say a word until the end where the woman has one line. But I think that probably made it even better. Their feelings came across through their actions and chemistry, something that I doubt a lot of actors could manage.

I have two favourite parts of this movie. The first was at the beginning when he fixed a toy gun (probably shouldn’t have done that). The second was at the end when he got out (when did I start watching a horror movie?). That husband really was an idiot…

Overall, I’d say this movie gets a 9. The actors are great, the idea is interesting and it’s carried out well. I probably would have scored it higher, but I want the husband gone.


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