Shihaisuru Yubisaki AND Kogareru Yubisaki (Higashino Yuu) – manga(s)

672. Shihaisuru Yubisaki - Higashino Yuu

1-4)Shirashi (physician at hospital) was “examined” by colleges from university and it all was taped (label: “Midnight at the doctor’s office”) and sold . Since then he was afraid that somebody might know that and expose it to everybody. The most afraid is he of student doctor, Tsuda (neurosurger). Was he right?

5)When surgical intern Nakahara Aoi’s secret is discovered by Teraoka Kimihiko, known as a strict but nice guy, he’s embarrassed. But the surgeon turns out to have a sadistic side, which he only shows to Aoi when he blackmails him into a sexual relationship. Will Aoi escape? Does he even want to?

6)Impudent Ruler: High-schooler Sakuya is the son of a CEO and can never trust people to be honest around him. But when his father goes on a business trip and leaves secretary Kagami in charge of Sakuya, the boy finds himself softening in the face of the older man’s kindness.

7)Hibiki’s future is as the head of a tea school, and there’s nothing he can do about it! No one seems to acknowledge that he’s more than just the heir, even Tateyama. But though the older man offers him kindness, beneath the surface are darker emotions…

8)Extra for Aoi and Teraoka-sensei.

673. Kogareru Yubisaki - Higashino Yuu

1-3) Neurosurgeon Tsuda has always deeply loved the physician Shiraishi. Both have been living together for two years in a blossoming relationship.
But halfway through, Tsuda’s dashing uncle, Wakamiya, appears to woo Shiraishi and destroy the intimate relationship shared by the couple.
Will the two of them manage to overcome this obstacle in their relationship?

4) Rehabilitation nurse Oka Katsuhiko has a crush on patient Wakamiya Kousuke. Since he’s responsible for the injury, Oka is determined to take very good care of Wakamiya, but Wakamiya likes to sexually harrass him! Can the perverted businessman and the lively nurse have a happy ending?

5)A Tsuda and Tomoki extra.

So, if you haven’t noticed already, today is going to be a double post. I would definately suggest reading both if you’re going to read either, and start with Shihaisuru or you’ll be confused by Kagareru.

Anyway, it’s probably not my favourite out there, but it’s definately high up on the list. especially with those semes… Seriously…. I’d love to be with a guy like Tsuda, but I think those kinds of guys only exist in manga (even if you get close with their need to monopolize, real-life guys wind up getting abusive), so I guess I’ll just have to stick with what I’ve got until I die and am reincarnated into a manga or anime or something.

Now back to the matter at hand. Art is good. Story (or stories are?) is good. I got a nose bleed a couple of times. Chapters 6 and 7 of Shiraisuru aren’t set at the hospital though, and I personally don’t think they’re as interesting as the ones set at the hospital (SPOILER the idea where a guy goes from being this close to being raped, then just doing the guy that saved him makes no sense to me and a guy still willing to sleep with a guy that payed people to harrass him kind of annoys me). But still, read them. If you just want to read about what’s going on at the hospital, skip the 2 chapters I just mentioned.


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