Color (Eiki Eiki; Tsuda Mikiyo) – manga

671. Color - Eiki Eiki; Tsuda Mikiyo

When art student Takashiro Tsuda chose to show his painting, Color, in a gallery exhibition, he never dreamed that an uncannily similar painting would hang next to his – with the same title, even. Works of art come from the deepest depths of an artist’s soul, so how can anyone else be expressing themselves so much like Takashiro? Filled with a yearning to find his artistic soulmate, Takashiro goes off to art school in Tokyo and meets classmate Sakae Fujiwara. Soon, Takashiro learns that this is the artist he’s been searching for – the one who created a Color so much like his own – but Sakae is a guy! Can such a profound connection between two people transcend gender and become something more? (mal)

So, I like the art, I like the story. I wouldn’t complain if you actually saw more for the sex scenes. But I guess I can read bara (or hentai I guess) if all I want is sex. That being said, it annoys me that EVERYONE was ok with them being gay. Even at the end, I’m assuming Sekaes father found out about the relationship since the guy he sent to bring Sekae back found out about it. And in all honesty, the father was going to disinherit the son that ran off with some girl, there’s no way in hell he’d be ok with his son being with another man.

On a side note, I feel like I’ve read this before. I know for sure I haven’t read this one though… I’m thinking maybe it’s the same vibe or something as Takanaga Hinako? I think that’s the vibe I’m getting anyway. But maybe someone else… I’ll stick with Takanaga though…


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