Cowa! (Akira Toriyama) – Manga

666. Cowa - Toriyama Akira

After an outbreak of a terminal disease in their town, Paifu, a vampire-hybrid, Jose, a ghost, and Apone and Maruyama set out to find medicine to cure it and save the village. (mal)

I didn’t actually start getting into this until about chapter 6. But the first 3 chapters were pretty much just an introduction to the characters and such. The first chapter threw me off a bit though (being in colour and everthing). I’m not actually a fan of coloured comics for some reason.

But anyway, it was cute. I’m glad the kids called Maruyama ‘Makoleen’ most times. Although they did call him Marumaya to his face. Which I found even more difficult to say than his actual name. As for Apone (according to mal), his name in what I read was Arpon. I kept calling him ‘Apron’ though.

Story itself? It’s cute. I has 3 monster kids. If monster kids aren’t cute, I don’t know what is. Then it has a human murderer that is kinda cute (in my opinion… I probably just have strange taste in guys) and he has to help the kids get the medicine they need to cure the monster village. It’s not overly serious, and the parts that have the potential to be serious, are done in a way that it’s still light hearted.

I guess I’d suggest it if you want something cute, simple and leaves you with a sort of  “happy” feeling. Not sure if I’d ever read it for myself again though. But if I ever have kids, it would probably be on the list of things to read to them…


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