Shinigami Alice (Tokitsukaze Otoha) book, fiction – graphic/manga

665. Sinigami Alice - Tokitsukaze Otoha

Returning home late in the evening, Kanogawa Masaki is attacked by a murderer! Just in time to save her, a cute doll-like girl with deadly scissors kills the attacker, with the explanation that she is just doing her job. Unfortunately, part of this strange girl’s job is also killing any witnesses. For reasons unknown, she allows Masaki to run away. Now Masaki can’t stop thinking about her, and about finding a way to see her again… (mal)

The art was cute. As for the story, it started out alright. (SPOILERS) Until it added in some little girl that was obsessed with the “shinigami” girl. And another girl that wanted to kill her for killing her sister. and although that sister apparently made a mistake, you aren’t told about it. Then there’s the incest. And the fact that Masaki has no problem with, or seems scared of, a girl that makes it a habit of killing people in front of her and insisting that she’ll be the one to kill her. Then, after they killed and escaped from the obsessed girl, they ran away. Without telling Masakis aunt (who’s taking care of her in her sisters place after she was murdered) or leaving any message. And it ends like that without telling us what happened afterwards. (end of SPOILERS)

Well anyway, I don’t think I’d recommend it. The only thing it has going for it is the art. and a little bit of my own fetish… but there’s little more than kissing and girls willing to risk their lives (to the point they go out looking for a serial killer) to be with each other. Not really my thing…


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