Star Trek: Deep Space 9 – The 34th Rule (Armin Shimerman, David R. George III) book, fiction – audio

34th rule

For once, business is going well for Quark, not that anyone on “Deep Space Nine(TM) ” truly appreciates his genius for finding profit in the most unlikely of circumstances. Quark is even looking forward to making the deal of a lifetime — when he suddenly finds himself stuck right in the middle of a major dispute between Bajor and the Ferengi Alliance. It seems that the Grand Nagus is refusing to sell one of the lost Orbs of the Prophets to the Bajoran government, which has responded by banning all Ferengi activity in Bajoran space. With diplomatic relations between the two cultures rapidly breaking down, Quark loses his bar first, then his freedom. But even penniless, he still has his cunning and his lobes, and those alone may be all he needs to come out on top — and prevent an interstellar war!

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So another audio book…mostly just because it’s easier to listen to a book than it is to read it while walking in the bright sun. And this was was mostly Ferengi! Which, in case anyone was wondering, are my favourite from Star Trek. Anyway, I listened to the last half hour or hour or so while I was sitting outside, and people passing by gave me strange looks…. apparently I was starting to cry. Don’t know why though, I knew nothing serious was gonna happen to them. I mean really, they aren’t going to kill off Quark and his brother or do them any serious damage.

on a side note, it may just be because I’ve been reading/watching/listening to/whatever, a few WWII things recently, but are the Ferengi based on stereotypical Jews? They have the big noses, the love of profit by any means necessary, the nasally voices and I’m pretty sure they were referred to as an inferior race in this one… So I’m curious, especially after reading that it was inspired by the American camps for the Japanese during WWII…

But back on topic, it’s worth the read… or listen… I probably lean more towards listen since it was read by Armin Shimerman who plays who is most likely my favourite character. Plus, I got to dislike the stupid Bajorans even more… A little short though…it was only about 3 hours 😦


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