Star Trek Cacophony: A Captain Sulu Adventure (John Malloy, Peter David) book, fiction – audio


On the planet Stentor, silence is not only golden; it is the key to maintaining peace in world devastated by a great war. But that calm is shattered when a group known as the Ghazi create a new technology that intercepts old Earth radio signals and rebroadcasts them across the planet. Each day the din grows more deafening. When Captain Sulu and the crew of the U.S.S. Excelsior are summoned to investigate sub-space interference emanating from Stentor, Sulu and his communications officer Terra Spiro discover that the Ghazi actually believe the signals are the voices of the gods, and Sulu must disabuse them of this belief before the noise drives Stentor to war.

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Another audiobook. I’ve got to start working on finishing a real book soon… I guess it was alright. Maybe I would have liked it more if I paid attention to this series though (I guess I should probably mention I’ve only ever paid attention to DS9… the others never really held my interest… especially the original… I’d try and then start laughing, even if it was supposed to be serious…) anyway, at least it kept head head/ears entertained for about an hour.
These Star Trek audiobooks are so short compared to the others I’ve listened to 😦


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